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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Lesson Learned...

After running 9.6 on the 12th of November, I unconsciously decided to take off the following 7 days from running. I'm guessing part of it was caused by laziness, and the remainder due to...? (Probably laziness) So I decided to get back on the horse this morning around 8:00am.

My entire body felt great when I started out on the 4 mile journey from my home to the A-B facilities and back. I could tell that I was running very well as the first two miles went by quickly, without a hint of fatigue. As I started the incline back up to Lafayette Square I realized that I couldn't keep the pace, so I started to slow a bit...then a lot. I realized that since I hadn't ran for over a week, I no longer had a good idea of how long I could maintain a pace. I ended up finishing the 4 miles at around an 8:30 minute pace, but felt very tired at the finish.

The lesson learned is that even though my body felt absolutely fabulous the morning of the run, I was out of touch with all of the other important things in running especially pace. So I have vowed to myself to kick training into high gear, and to get familiarized with my body once again. Even though now is the eve of my favorite time to relax and be lazy (Thanksgiving).

Happy Training!

(The sun is like sugar, it can make a cold winter day enjoyable) What?


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