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Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Comeback Kid

As per the mighty schedule, Mark, Dan and I headed out on this blustery Sunday morning for a nine mile run. The last time I ran nine with Dan was back in August of 2005; we were in Oahu working a project together. Dave and I were training for a marathon (Dave for the Baltimore and me for the St. Louis 1/2) and we had been running together over several iterative deliveries out in Hawaii. Dan was in town on this particular day and decided to run the nine with us.

It was a relatively hot day, and Dan decided not to bring anything along to drink. As the run progressed, Dan was getting hotter and his knee started to act up. We did finish the run, but that was the last time I did a long run with Dan...until today.

Today, Holly fixed Dan up with a running belt complete with 12 oz of water and 12 oz of gatorade. We all had an easy run, with plenty of hydration along the way. I'm thinking Dan will be primed and ready for our ten miler next weekend :)


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