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Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Cold Ten

The morning was cold when Mark and I started out for our ten miler around the lake. You could see our breath in the air with every step and I had put on two pairs of gloves to keep my hands warm. Today, we were going around the lake, then out towards St. Charles to get the required mileage.

I wasn't sure how the run was going to go. Last night Holly and I went to a trivia night fund raiser. There was food everywhere! I almost went all the way up to my BMR max for the day, the first time that had happened in over a month! But, all was well. I felt remarkably strong and we finished the 10 in 1:33, which was just a few seconds per mile over the pace Mark and I are trying for in the upcoming 1/2 finish in under 2 hours.

We started at 7am and by the time we were finished, the sun was well on it's way across the horizon and we were peeling off hats, sweaty headbands and multiple layers of gloves. With four weeks till race day, things seem to be right on track :)


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