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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fast, Faster, Fasting

So the question of the day is...can you have a spiritually cleansing fast day, and then have a spiritually fulfilling run the following day? Based on (remarkably) recent experience, I'd have to say...absolutely! Now, we ran only 3 1/2 miles today, and I did get up bright and early and have a nice bowl of Kashi, but nonetheless, I think it was an overall successful transition. I know I had a nice clear mind this morning while pounding the pavement.

So, where are we with respect to our upcoming race? On Sunday, Mark and I did a 6 miler, as per the training guide. Monday, Yom Kippur, coincided with our plan's stretch and strength day, which was postponed until Friday morning. Overall, with 10 weeks until race day, we're on schedule and doing well. As for the poundage, I'm going to give it until Friday to weigh in...I'll let you know how it's going. I have to believe a fast day can only help :)

Happy thoughts and tight laces for all!


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