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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Air, Please

There's something a bit different about running in Scottsdale, AZ. I think it's the total lack of breathable air during my runs :) It has been in the 70's in the mornings here the past few days. I had a nice 4 miler yesterday and a 3 1/2 miler today, as per schedule. I'm hoping to get home in time this evening to get to the Y tomorrow for a quick workout so I can check off the 'strength' box on the schedule. Hmmm, is it at all possible that it's all about the schedule now? Have I given up my free will to be a schedule slave? Oh, the agony!

Alright, enough complaining. We're supposed to find a 5K race this weekend in lieu of a long run. I'll be up in Northern Missouri, so I think I might just do a leisurely 10K instead. Next weekend the long run is 7 miles, so it should be a nice transition.

On a related note, it appears that we'll be ordering running shirts, Asynchronized of course, for the upcoming Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon. Any ideas about what our tag line should be would be most appreciated. Happy day!


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