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Monday, June 26, 2006

Training Starts: Lewis & Clark 1/2 : 2006

Well, it's that time again. Time to start training in earnest for the Lewis & Clark 1/2 Marathon. It's 12 weeks out and the training has begun!

There are a number of training plans out there and this year I'm going to try and follow Hal Higdon's intermediate program ( I started a bit long today with a 5 miler, but I was feeling good, had some great tunes playing on the iPod and just didn't feel like stopping at 4.

Mark, David and I ran the St. Louis 1/2 Marathon together in April. It was my best 1/2 yet! I finished in 2:04:36, which is just over a 9:30 mile pace. Just amazing. And yet, Mark beat me by a whopping 4 seconds! David ended up finishing ahead of us both by a comfortable 3 minutes. Ah well, there's always September :P

I don't have any concrete goals yet for the upcoming event, other than at least matching my time in the last race. We'll just have to see how the training progresses.


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